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*Revised: November 14, 2022

Updates were made to Climate Action, pg. 31-32, and GRI Standards Content Index, pg. 108-109, only to reflect UNFI’s enhanced accounting of its greenhouse gas emissions, aligned with the validation of its reduction roadmap and targets by the Science Based Targets initiative.



  • 2022 CSR Report

    2020 CSR Report

    We need a future that’s better for our associates. Better for our communities. Better for our world.


  • 2019 CSR Report

    2019 CSR Report

    As pioneers we continually look for new ways to enhance our positive impact. Building Better for people and our planet.


  • 2017 CSR Report

    2017 CSR Report

    Raising the bar on our commitments, while staying true to the values we were built on.


  • 2016 CSR Report

    2016 CSR Report

    Celebrating 40 years of Moving Food Forward - delivering healthier food options and doing it with integrity.


  • 2015 CSR Report

    2015 CSR Report

    Measurable results that have created real value in driving social and environmental good for our planet.


  • 2014 CSR Report

    2014 CSR Report

    We share what we’ve done – and where we’re headed – for our communities and the environment.


  • 2013 CSR Report

    2013 CSR Report

    A reflection of how we’re working to create a better and more sustainable world.


  • 2012 CSR Report

    2012 CSR Report

    This year reflects our commitment, impact and contributions in supporting our vital communities.


  • 2011 CSR Report

    2011 CSR Report

    Concrete achievements and an expanding circle of shared success for our employees, customers and communities.


  • 2010 CSR Report

    2010 CSR Report

    Our first report laid out our definition of corporate responsibility and the foundation of values that underlies our approach.