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Diversity & Inclusion

  • We are working to advance diversity, equity and inclusion in our workplace by fostering a culture of inclusion and empathy through open dialogue, effective associate training, and by honoring holidays and special events that speak to our associates’ identities.
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Innovation thrives when there is unity and respect for diverse backgrounds and perspectives.



    Our Approach

  • We are committed to advancing diversity, equity and inclusion in our workplace, and have developed an action plan to make measurable, lasting change under three core pillars:


  • Our World

    Leading change across our industry and in the food system

  • Our Communities

    Addressing food insecurity through financial, in-kind and volunteer support

  • Our People

    Activating change at home through listening learning and accountability

  • In 2020, our CEO, Steve Spinner, joined other CEOs to pledge his commitment to advance diversity and inclusion in our workplace. The CEO pledge outlines a specific set of actions the signatory CEOs will take to cultivate a trusting environment where all ideas are welcomed, and employees feel comfortable and empowered to have discussions about diversity and inclusion.
  • CEO Action for Diversity and Inclusion Logo

Diversity Council


This year, we launched the first UNFI Diversity Council. The seventeen members selected reflect a broad spectrum of diversity including race, ethnicity, sex, gender identity, religion, ability status, sexual orientation, and professional backgrounds. Working alongside UNFI executives, the Council will drive Diversity & Inclusion goals and objectives by lending their perspective, experience, and resources to various initiatives across UNFI and in our communities.

Diversity Council Group

Belonging and Innovation Groups


On Veterans Day, we announced our first Belonging and Innovation Group (BIG)–Military Services. This group is led by associates and sponsored by Air Force veteran and UNFI Chief Information Officer, Jack Clare. The priorities of the Military Services BIG will be to make UNFI an employer of choice for veterans and to support the company in meeting the needs of veterans everywhere. Additional Belonging and Innovation Groups include Black UNFI Leaders of Today (BUILT BIG), PRIDE BIG for our LGBTQ+ associates and allies, and Women’s Integrated Network (WIN BIG).


Goals & Commitments


  • Increase diversity in leadership roles across the company
  • Diversity & Inclusion strategic plan to be announced early in 2021