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Food Safety

  • Our customers and communities rely on us to deliver safe, high-quality food and products that everyone can feel good about bringing home to their families.
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Everyone at UNFI is responsible for the safety and quality of the food and products we supply.



    Our Approach

    We aim to deliver a best-in-class food safety program that promotes safe, quality foods throughout our wholesale distribution, private brands, manufacturing, and retail grocery business.


  • Our Operations

    Holding ourselves to the highest standards of food safety and quality assurance by aligning to leading certifications, including SQF (Safe Quality Foods).

  • Our Suppliers

    Inspiring confidence in the products we carry through rigorous documentation, monitoring and verification, and on-site visits.

  • Our Customers

    Maintaining consistent communication to understand the needs and expectations of our customers, with protocols to ensure timely follow-up to concerns.



Our fulsome food safety practices and processes are centrally managed by a national team along with regional Food Safety & Quality Assurance leaders who are embedded within each region. The team's responsibilities include:

  • Supporting private brands, international and national supplier and vendor teams on food safety and supplier management programs.
  • Implementing and verifying that food safety programs are in place across the enterprise.
  • Providing training to our on-site staff and confirming compliance and best practices are in place at all locations.
  • Managing the recall program including notification/support for our internal facilities and wholesale customers.
  • Ensuring that every associate understands that Food Safety and Quality Assurance is a shared value and priority for the company.

We conduct internal audits of our food safety program to support compliance and to identify areas for improvement. Escalation processes are in place to ensure immediate follow-up during a crisis or incident involving a product.


Goals & Commitments


  • Achieve Safe Quality Foods (SQF) certification at all distribution centers by 2025
  • Continuously strive for “Green” Ecolab Retail audit rating at all retail stores